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Bee-have with Tjhoko
Bee-have with Tjhoko

Bee-have with Tjhoko

Give them wings!
Entice the little ones outside with a play area designed to give their creativity wings.

All colours touch us in different ways. This bright yellow paint is not called John’s Joy for nothing. For children, and their parents, it is a happy, fun sunshine colour that hugs you in the same way that cheerful, vibrant voices embrace the soul. Just a touch of this colour can fill a dull room with energy. The décor possibilities are endless. Imagine how eye-catching a vivid yellow chest of drawers would look in front of a midnight-blue wall (like Dani’s Dare from the Tjhoko range), or combine it with black, as in our picture.

  • The children’s shirts are stencilled with playful motifs from the new Tjhoko stencil collection, in the colours Matt Black and John’s Joy. Use a stencil brush to do the stencil work. The less paint there is on the brush, the smaller the chance that the paint will seep under the stencil and the more successful you will be.
  • The sides of the wood stumps are painted in John’s Joy with Matt Black on the top, which makes them perfect to use in the garden as seating or to play board games or noughts and crosses on, like here. The children can simply paint their own stones for this game, because Tjhoko is child-friendly after all!
  • The wooden bench was thoroughly cleaned with thinners and then painted in John’s Joy. After four hours’ drying time it was finished off with three coats of Tjhoko’s Clear Glaze, to make it water- and UV-resistant.
  • Metal buckets, a clever place to store art equipment imaginatively and within the reach of our young artists, were also painted with Tjhoko. Because it is also a chalkboard paint, no-one’s creativity needs to be reined in this autumn. It’s a new season with new scents, colours and unlimited possibilities. Enjoy it!

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