(and break a few plates) with TJHOKO PAINT

Create a Greek isle vibe in your own home with touches of
white and blue, earthy textures and chalk paint!

Here’s how…

1 Clean the cement surface thoroughly with mutton cloth dipped in lacquer thinners and allow 20–40 minutes for it to dry completely.

2 Position the stencil on the floor (it’s important to take the full size of the design into consideration); secure with masking tape.

3 Mix 10ml Tjhoko Paint in the colour Da’vid with a pot of
Stencil of Paris.

4 Apply it evenly over the stencil with the paint scraper. Judge for yourself how thick you want the paste mixture to be.

5 Remove the stencil carefully while the paste is still damp.
Wash the stencil and scraper thoroughly in lukewarm water after stencilling each quarter of your mandala, and wait until the paste is completely dry before stencilling the next quarter. Repeat steps 2 to 5 to complete the design. 

Project notes
• Use one pot of Stencil of Paris for each square metre you wish to stencil.
• Adding chalk paint to Stencil of Paris not only tints the paste but also makes the final surface more washable.
• It takes 2 to 3 hours for Stencil of Paris to dry completely, depending on how thick you apply the paste. The paste must be completely dry before placing any furniture on the surface.
• To clean the stencilled floor, an all-purpose cleaner is recommended.