• 1 jar (290ml) Stencil of Paris  

• Tjhoko Stencil number 2021-30×30-18 

• 250ml Tjhoko Paint Da’vid 

• 250ml Tjhoko Paint Elias’s Epic 

• 250ml Tjhoko Paint July 

• 250ml Tjhoko Paint Thinus’s Terracotta 

• 250ml Tjhoko Paint Clear Glaze 



• kitchen sponge 

• microfibre cloth 

• 5cm paint scraper 



1 If your cement pot was previously painted, sand it lightly to remove all flaking paint and then clean with lacquer thinners. Allow to dry for at least 40 minutes, then paint the pot with a base coat of Da’vid. Always paint in the shade and not in direct sunlight. Allow to dry for at least 40 minutes, depending on the temperature. 

2 Now position your stencil on the garden pot and apply the Stencil of Paris with the paint scraper. It doesn’t have to be perfect; aim for an organic feel that complements handmade terracotta. The goal is to create pattern and texture. Apply the Stencil of Paris thinner on certain parts and thicker on others; also leave certain parts open. Allow to dry for 2-4 hours, depending on the temperature. 

3 Use the soft spongy side of your kitchen sponge and apply the colours Elias’s Epic, July and Thinus’s Terracotta as desired. Use the sponge to soften the lines where two colours meet to create an even look. Now’s your chance to be artistic and create a weathered finish. Allow to dry well – at least 40 minutes. 

4 Rinse your sponge, squeeze it out and apply small amounts of Da’vid here and there on the pots. Use very little paint! Allow to dry overnight. 

5 Dilute Clear Glaze with cooled boiled water in a 3:1 ratio (three parts Clear Glaze and one part water). Seal the pot with 2-3 coats of this diluted Clear Glaze; use a damp microfibre cloth. Wait at least 30 minutes between each layer. Seal on the outside, but also over the edge halfway down to the bottom on the inside. The glaze will protect the pots from UV- and water damage.