“I decided to do a bedroom makeover for various reasons.  The first one is as we have had the suite for approximately 35 years, I got rather tired of the same look.  I wanted something trendy, upmarket, light, sophisticated and modern.  Secondly I wanted to enter the Home/Tjhoko competition this year with something I could be proud of and thirdly we will be moving to the coast in 2 years to retire and I am updating all our furniture to light colours for a more beachy sophisticated light look.


The colours that  I used was silver moon and vinia stone.  On the stensils on drawers I  used a 50% silvermoon and 50% vinia stone.  Stencils were custom made for the drawers as well as the mirrors.  All drawers and cupboards were lined out and also painted inside.  Crystal knobs were fitted to all drawers and doors.  Stensil of Paris was used on the mirror edges which was also mixed with vinia stone.  Charms silver was dry brushed on those stencil work.   A combination of silvermoon and vinia stone was washed in the grooves to give definition.  


The bed couch which is material was painted with silver moon and stencilled with vinia stone and the 50/50 mix as well.  I made a cushion cover for the dressing table stool.  During lockdown I also made the bin for our room in coral stone and fine lining with some funcopage and stencilling. This was also sealed with clear glaze.


The duvet covers I personally made in the beginning of the year as I was planning the complete room makeover.  Frames above the bed were painted with vinia stone and then charms silver for the colour to stand out.  All the furniture was sealed with clear glaze.”