Some ideas, inspiration and art from Denise. 


“A bit about me, I’m a creative soul, artist and huge animal lover.  Creating beautiful things is my passion.  I do oil paintings, mixed media paintings, pottery, crochet, etc.  At one stage I was revamping furniture as well.


When the first chalk paint brand hit SA I was so excited as this made furniture revamping so much easier.  (That was my thing at the time).  However since then many other brands emerged and I naturally tried them all.  Each one had some element that didn’t quite work for me, so initially I thought it was me perhaps not applying the paint correctly, etc.   I really don’t want to struggle, the colours must be on trend and there must be enough variety, the application easy and the paint needs to be reasonably priced.  Tjhoko might seem expensive but it is worth every cent.  The colour range is amazing and I can apply the paint to almost anything I create.


Frida Kahlo has always been an inspiration to me, her world was so colourful.  I like painting her and have even used Tjhoko’s beautiful gold paint as a background on canvas.  Thoko’s colour range and my love for constantly creating or revamping brought me to pimping my pots.  When I run out of ideas I trawl Pinterest, like most of us do.”