Here’s how…
1. Dip a large piece of cloth (choose a fabric that absorbs moisture well) in lacquer thinners and clean the corrugated-iron sheet thoroughly. It’s important not to use any other chemicals.
2. Wait about 20 minutes for the thinners to evaporate, then apply a coat of Cloud White with a 50mm brush. The paint will be dry after about 30 minutes.
3.Using a different 50mm brush, apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly in long strokes here and there.
4. Apply a coat of Coral Stone on top and allow to dry.
5. Rub the entire surface with a green scouring pad. The thicker the petroleum jelly, the easier the paint will peel off.
6. When all the loose paint has been rubbed off, sand the surface with 100-grit sandpaper to get rid of any excess petroleum jelly. Apply another layer of petroleum jelly. Repeat steps 3 to 6, using a different colour each time; we used Elvis Mix and Dumisa’s Dream. Wait until the final coat has dried completely then sand the surface thoroughly again, making sure all the petroleum jelly has been removed.
• The number of paint colours you use is entirely up to you.
• Always use a good quality brush – the softer the bristles, the smoother the end result.