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1. Use the “Vaseline trick” for a distressed look. Apply Vaseline roughly with a brush on the edges on the raw wood before starting to paint. (It can also be applied on a painted surface.) The paint won’t stick on the Vaseline areas. Wait for the paint to dry and use a paint scraper and scrape the paint from the Vaseline coated areas.
2. Repeat the process, applying Vaseline each time on a different area and using different colours of paint. Wait for paint to dry after each coat before using the paint scraper to remove the paint.
3. Use a green merlon pad to smooth everything out or a piece of 600 grid sandpaper.
A second method to create a distressed look is the “old sandpaper” method. Sand, sand and sand!
4. You can even combine the two methods.
5. Apply the Glaze Clear or Glaze Antique Brown if desired.
Enjoy your results!!!


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