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Preparing and cleaning

Preparing and cleaning

What do I need to know when painting Tjhoko Paint onto a wall?

You would need to make sure that the wall you are going to paint on has not been painted with an oil-based paint, this would inhibit the Tjhoko Paint from sticking to it. If this is the case, you would need to apply a Universal Undercoat or remove the oil

What do I clean my brush with?

Always wash brushes, stencils and all equipment with water immediately after use.

How do I clean a surface before I start to paint?

We do not recommend painting on a recent varnished surface or a surface that has recently been oil treated (like raw linseed oil treated surfaces).  Surfaces like the above needs a 6-month curing time before paint work can be attempted. We also don’t recommend painting onto floors. Waxed surfaces and

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