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Can I lime wash or white wash melamine cupboards?

A lime wash or whitewash technique is advisable on raw timber, raw brick and raw cement surfaces. On melamine cupboards rather paint and then do a washed technique on top. A washed technique is when paint is evenly distributed onto a damp cloth and gently wiped onto the painted surface.

Can I paint kitchen cupboards with Tjhoko Paint?

Yes, of course you can paint kitchen cupboards. What you need: Lacquer Thinners 2 pieces Mutton cloth cut to the size of a kitchen towel 110mm or 160mm foam roller and handle or paintbrush depending on your preference. Instead of using a foam roller a Mohair roller can be used

How do I apply the Clear Glaze?

Always allow the paint to dry for at least 4 hours before starting with the Glaze application.  In coastal areas or during winter months we recommend to only start glazing the next day (leave paint to cure overnight) Dilute the Clear Glaze with 30% water (30ml of water for every

When do I apply the Clear Glaze onto a painted surface?

The paint does have a matt finish (Tjhoko Paint is a self-sealing, water-based, matt chalk paint) it does not need a sealant unless you have the piece of furniture outside or in a room like the kitchen or bathroom where there is lots of moisture.  The Glaze makes the surface

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