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Can I paint my outdoor furniture?

Yes, you can. It is important that the furniture is in a good condition. If it is water damaged or very rough, you need to sand it first so that the wood surface is even. The next step is to clean it very well with lacquer thinners. Wait 20-30 minutes

Can I paint a piece of furniture?

Yes, you can!  There is no need to sand the piece of furniture, you just need to make sure it has been cleaned.  We always suggest a wipe down thoroughly with Lacquer thinners. Refer to the cleaning guide. We do not recommend painting on a recently varnished surface or a

Can I paint my dining room table?

Yes, absolutely you can paint your dining table. A mohair roller works well to paint a large flat surface. Below some steps Make sure that the table is clean before you start painting.  Clean properly with Lacquer thinners. Refer to the cleaning guide. Wait 20 minutes for Lacquer Thinners to

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