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Product info

Product info

How do I use metallic paint?

Clean the surface well by wiping clean with a cloth dipped in Lacquer Thinners. Wait 20 minutes for the Thinners to dry. Use a dry, clean paintbrush for painting. Paint a base coat in one of the Tjhoko Paint colours like Sherif’s Stone and allow to dry. Sir the Metallic

How do I prevent contamination of paint?

•     Always work with a clean, dry paintbrush. •     Ensure that the surface being painted on is clean and mould-free. •     Do not add water into the paint container. •     Ensure that the rim of the jar is cleaned after each use and that the lid is properly sealed after

How do I know if there is a Tjhoko Paint workshop in my area?

Tjhoko Paint hosts various workshops around the country.  We also post workshops that our stockists are hosting around the country. You can also follow us on Facebook and make sure to check our events for workshops in your area. Here are all the workshops we have coming up.

What are embellishments made of?

The Tjhoko Embellishment range is made of a Polyester resin.  It adds a beautiful finish to a painted item. Tjhoko Paint has a beautiful range available in different sizes and designs.   Catalogues available at Tjhoko Paint stockists and also on

What is water slide transfers and how can it be used?

The water slide transfer paper can easily be used to transfer any image or text. The best things about this is that it is translucent and can be used on almost any smooth surface. I have successfully used the water slide transfers onto wood, bamboo objects, glass or porcelain, metal

Tips when applying your water slide transfers

Do not leave the unused transfer in the sun. Seal with Clear Glaze before starting the application of the Waterslide Transfer. 1. Remember these transfers are translucent, so your background colour shows through the transfer. 2. Pastel colours work best. 3. DO NOT let the transfer lie in the water

How much paint would I need to paint a 12 square metre wall?

Always work on two coats of paint required. 1 litre of paint covers 8 square metres with one coat 12 square metres would need 24 square metre coverage  –  24/8 = 3.  Three litres would be needed to cover 12 square metres.

How far does a litre of paint spread?

A litre of paint covers more or less 8m2 per single coat.

Can I order online?

You can order your paint from us online right here.

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