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How to treat a surface that has rust?

A rust product that you can use to treat rust is a product called Rust Converter. In the areas that you have applied and used the rust converter you will also be washing the surface off ( this is all part of the instructions) You would not need to then

Can I paint my outdoor furniture?

Yes, you can. It is important that the furniture is in a good condition. If it is water damaged or very rough, you need to sand it first so that the wood surface is even. The next step is to clean it very well with lacquer thinners. Wait 20-30 minutes

Can I paint on plastic with Tjhoko Paint?

Yes, but because plastic is an oily surface, we would suggest that you: Step 1:  Lightly sand the entire object, just to create enough of a rough surface area for the paint to hold. Step 2:  Clean well with Lacquer Thinners and  allow to dry for 20 minutes. (refer preparation

Can I paint a tablecloth?

Yes. Although we would rather recommend stencilling the tablecloth. We suggest ironing the back more or less an hour or two after painting.  Hand wash in cold water and ensure that you paint on natural fabric, not something with a shine. We don’t recommend painting on synthetic fabrics.

Can I paint on an upholstered surface covered with suede fabric?

Yes, you can. It is very important to remember is that paint will change the feel and texture of fabric. Also depending on the flexibility of the foam, hairline cracks might appear. The more flexible the foam, the more movement there will be.  The amount of paint needed will depend

Can I paint on synthetic leather?

Yes, you can. Just remember to clean with Lacquer Thinners (wear gloves and mask) to remove grease and dirt. Allow the surface to dry and then paint. Read here to see how we transformed this chair.

Can I paint on genuine leather?

Yes, you can use Tjhoko Paint on genuine leather. You just need to make sure that the leather is cleaned properly and is grease free before you start painting. Clean well using Lacquer Thinners to remove all the oil, allow to dry for 20-30 minutes and then start painting. No

Can I paint on an oil-based surface

Solvent paints take 14 days to cure, varnish and linseed oil take6 months.  So, when painting on an oil based surface the best advise is to rather first prime it with Universal Undercoat.  Allow 24 hours for Universal Undercoat to dry and then apply Tjhoko Paint in the preferred colour.

What do I need to know when painting Tjhoko Paint onto a wall?

You would need to make sure that the wall you are going to paint on has not been painted with an oil-based paint, this would inhibit the Tjhoko Paint from sticking to it. If this is the case, you would need to apply a Universal Undercoat or remove the oil

On which surfaces should I rather NOT paint?

Recently varnished surfaces. Varnish needs more or less a 6-months curing time before you can paint onto a varnished surface. An oil treated surface (linseed oil and other oil products) also needs more or less a 6-months curing time. If a surface was waxed within 6 months you need to sand

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