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How do I use metallic paint?

Clean the surface well by wiping clean with a cloth dipped in Lacquer Thinners. Wait 20 minutes for the Thinners to dry. Use a dry, clean paintbrush for painting. Paint a base coat in one of the Tjhoko Paint colours like Sherif’s Stone and allow to dry. Sir the Metallic

What is water slide transfers and how can it be used?

The water slide transfer paper can easily be used to transfer any image or text. The best things about this is that it is translucent and can be used on almost any smooth surface. I have successfully used the water slide transfers onto wood, bamboo objects, glass or porcelain, metal

Tips when applying your water slide transfers

Do not leave the unused transfer in the sun. Seal with Clear Glaze before starting the application of the Waterslide Transfer. 1. Remember these transfers are translucent, so your background colour shows through the transfer. 2. Pastel colours work best. 3. DO NOT let the transfer lie in the water

How do I know if I am stencilling correctly?

The trick to stencilling is to use as little paint as possible, evenly distributed onto a stencil brush. Test by wiping the stencil brush on a piece of newspaper, if the stencil brush is wet you are using too much paint. Remove any excess paint onto a piece of newspaper.

How do I use a foam roller when painting?

Pour paint in a paint tray.  Apply a generous and even layer of paint onto the foam roller. Start rolling on a clean, grease free surface that has been cleaned well with Lacquer Thinners.  (Always allow thinners to dry well before starting to paint.  20-30-minute waiting time is recommended). One

Can I lime wash or white wash melamine cupboards?

A lime wash or whitewash technique is advisable on raw timber, raw brick and raw cement surfaces. On melamine cupboards rather paint and then do a washed technique on top. A washed technique is when paint is evenly distributed onto a damp cloth and gently wiped onto the painted surface.

Can I paint my fridge?

Yes. If you are wanting to paint your fridge, first you would need to make sure that the outside has been thoroughly cleaned with Lacquer thinners. Please refer to our cleaning guide. Once the surface is clean and dry you can apply your colour, I would suggest you use a

Can I apply Tjhoko Paint to fabric?

Below are two links that will assist you with the application of the paint on fabric. Ensure that you are working on a natural fabric item, like suede or cotton, and not something that is synthetic. Always keep in mind that paint will change the texture of the fabric. We

Can you dye with Tjhoko Paint?

We haven’t actively used the paint to dye with, but we do have a stockist that does it on natural fabrics so it can be done.  Best is to always do a test run first and rather use natural fabrics than synthetic fabrics. This is how she does it: In

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