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How do I prevent contamination of paint?

•     Always work with a clean, dry paintbrush. •     Ensure that the surface being painted on is clean and mould-free. •     Do not add water into the paint container. •     Ensure that the rim of the jar is cleaned after each use and that the lid is properly sealed after

How do I know if I am stencilling correctly?

The trick to stencilling is to use as little paint as possible, evenly distributed onto a stencil brush. Test by wiping the stencil brush on a piece of newspaper, if the stencil brush is wet you are using too much paint. Remove any excess paint onto a piece of newspaper.

How do I remove Tjhoko Paint from clothing or fabric?

Remove any excess paint with a damp cloth or rag that you do not mind throwing away. Flush out the stain with warm running water, starting from the back of the clothing item. Create a solution of equal parts dish-washing liquid soap and warm water. Rub the solution into the

Why is my paint not gripping?

If the paint is not gripping it might be because of a few spots of cleaning that may have been missed or in some instances when the varnish hasn’t cured. If the surface is cleaned properly with Lacquer thinners this should not be a problem. Recently varnished surfaces. Varnish needs

What can cause my paint to chip?

The cleaning process is very important and all oil needs to be removed before starting to paint. Another important factor is a clean brush and equipment. One of the reasons why this is happening is due to oil on the surface that prevents the paint from gripping.

On which surfaces should I rather NOT paint?

Recently varnished surfaces. Varnish needs more or less a 6-months curing time before you can paint onto a varnished surface. An oil treated surface (linseed oil and other oil products) also needs more or less a 6-months curing time. If a surface was waxed within 6 months you need to sand

Why is my paint streaking or discolouring after I have painted it and what can I do to fix it? What is bleeding?

Sometimes if a piece of furniture has been oiled so much over the years that streaking and discoloration of the paint may appear even after you have cleaned with Lacquer Thinners and prepared the piece of furniture for painting. This is called bleeding and occurs due to the amount of

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