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How to paint:

Step 1 – Clean surface PROPERLY with Lacquer thinners (we use Powerfix Lacquer thinners). Wear gloves and work in a well-ventilated space.

Wait until the lacquer thinners is dry 20 – 40 minutes. I would then repeat the cleaning process again. (WE DON’T RECOMMEND TO PAINT ONTO A VARNISHED SURFACE IF THE SURFACE HAS BEEN VARNISHED WITHIN THE PAST 6 MONTHS. Varnish takes at least 6 months to cure. When painting onto an  enamel surface – contact us at [email protected] to give the right advice.)

Step 2 – Start painting. We recommend painting at least two coats. Very important when painting is to always allow a coat of paint to dry properly before the next coat of paint is applied. Depending on the colour being used a third coat would be necessary for example painting a white paint onto a darker surface.

The equipment you use for painting also plays a role.  A foam roller leaves a much thinner coat of paint than a paint brush. Therefore, more coats of paint would be required when working with a foam roller.

The paint does have a matt finish (Tjhoko Paint is a self-sealing, water-based, matt chalk paint) it does not need a sealant unless you have the piece of furniture outside or in a room like the kitchen or bathroom where there is lots of moisture. The Glaze makes the surface water and UV-Resistant. It also prevents stains and provides a more washable surface. We also recommend to seal tabletops and pedestal tops, kitchen, and bathroom wall tiles (painting in showers not recommended).

Step 3 – If you are applying the clear glaze, always allow the paint to dry for at least 4 hours before starting with the glaze application. In coastal areas or during winter months we recommend to only start glazing the next day (leave paint to cure overnight).

  1. Dilute the Clear Glaze with 30% water (30ml of water for every 100ml of Glaze) or 3 parts Clear Glaze and 1-part water. (we recommend cooled, boiled water as it is less contaminated)
  1. On darker Tjhoko colours we recommend 50/50 (1-part Tjhoko Clear Glaze and 1-part water. You can also use this ratio for a less sheen finish.)
  1. Dampen a clean, colourless cloth with water and squeeze to remove all excess moisture. A Microfibre cloth works best.
  1. Dip the cloth completely in the mixture to absorb the mix and then squeeze to remove excess moisture. 
  1. Evenly wipe onto the painted surface. Work in a well-lit room to ensure that the entire surface is covered. If streakiness or lines occur – (it is caused by the fabric / cloth) just apply a second coat, half an hour later.
  2. Should you wish to change colour or add paint techniques over the clear glaze, you can do so once it it has cured for an hour or longer.

Numerous DIY videos with steps are available on both our website and YouTube channel and