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The water slide transfer paper can easily be used to transfer any image or text. The best things about this is that it is translucent and can be used on almost any smooth surface. I have successfully used the water slide transfers onto wood, bamboo objects, glass or porcelain, metal tins, terra cotta pots, book covers, furniture, jars and even polymer clay and candles.

How to apply the water slide transfer:

This is a demonstration on how to apply the transfers on a painted surface, but the principles are the same for all surfaces.

  1. Prepare a bowl of cold water, tap water is perfect.
  2. Cut the image with a scissors close to the borders, with A4 designs border must be cut off right around the design.
  3. Drop each image into the cold water, and let them sit in the water. While still in the water check if the top foil, the one with the image one is loose, but don’t remove from the paper base just yet.
  4. For painted projects: First seal the area where you are going to apply the transfers with Tjhoko Clear Glaze and let it dry properly. Once dry, you apply a thin coat of the Tjhoko Clear Glaze again as the transfer does not have any glue on you will need something to stick it down with and this sealer works best. Now remove the transfer from the water. Slide and gradually remove the paper base of the transfer, leaving the top foil with the printed image on your project.
  5. Now use a paper towel and remove all the air bubbles and water under the transfers. Hold it down with 1 finger and work from the middle outwards. It helps if you also wet you finger a bit and then wipe the bubbles out. Let it dry 100% and then seal it again using Tjhoko Clear Glaze.

Remember: Before use, water slide transfers must be stored in a cool dry place and the life span of an unused water transfer is +-1 year if stored correctly.