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Your biggest Aussie fan

Liefste Nadine

Jy weet alreeds hoe lief ek  is vir alles Thjoko…. ek gaan my briefie in Engels skryf want ons is mos nou wêreldwyd. Dit was nie maklik om my “boek” te skryf nie, want my pad met Tjhoko is diep persoonlik. Daar was n traan of twee. Ek is ongelooflik blessed in every way, met my amazing man en my familie hier in Perth maar ek mis my  ouers en familie in SA en my sussies, my boetie…al my familie en vriende…ek mis deel wees van n familie. Baie dankie vir wie julle is en dat ek ook nou voel of ek deel is van een groot familie, ek kan nie beskryf wat dit beteken vir my nie want eks n artsy recluse….my lewe draai om my familie en huis en ek  verkies dit so, maar die Afrikaner in my mis my groot familie…..dankie dat ek weer voel of ek deel is elke dag…al is ek so ver. Ek voel ek moet apologise vir die boek…ek kan nie my hart in n paragraaf verduidelik nie….kom ons hoop potensiele Tjhokoholics sien kans om alles te lees😅🤪….dit raak eintlik net die surface en is met baie baie liefde geskryf. xxxxx

My Tjhoko Story

I have to start by saying I absolutely adore Tjhoko and  I firmly believe I am Tjhoko Paints biggest fan in all of Australia. Years ago a very good friend suggested I take up chalk painting, the same friend suggested I join the Tjhoko page even though Im in Aus. I will forever be thankful for her. 

I started watching Nadines’ Lives and tutorials on the tjhoko page and the Tjhoko Youtube  channel. I fell in love with this amazing sweet woman and Everyone in the Tjhoko family, at the factory, the different stores, behind the scenes while filming Lives , working on the different Tjhoko pages….they inspired me beyond measure with their love , their massive talent , their enthusiasm , their drive and passion. 

I was absolutely hooked when I read the story on how every colour is named after a Tjhoko team member or family member. I am so grateful that Jaco was blessed with the gift of creating paint. This  amazing couple had a vision, they created it and now I am using their product here in Australia on a different continent. I cannot explain how much this means to me.

I have to write my little book of love because Tjhoko is so much more than just paint. I can’t just write about how absolutely amazing this paint is, because for me the name “Tjhoko” represents family. It represents endless creativity and most  importantly for me, it represents healing. Its my happy place, my therapy and it brings me joy and comfort that I could not explain if i tried.

When you are part of the Tjhoko family, you feel at home, you feel connected , you feel loved even though you are thousands of miles away. 

I have made lifelong friends that are so incredibly  dear to me simply by being a member of the Tjhoko FB pages. I love how my Father always knows who and what I need…These women make such a difference in my life.

Tjhoko paint is without a doubt the best craft paint in the world and I know this because I have painted with so many types and I know its the only paint out there that can do the things Tjhoko can.

I have painted and stencilled Tjhoko onto glass, raw wood , canvas, fabric, plastic, metal, cement types, rope etc . There are no rules or limits….okay there are some rules but Im a rebel and Im pretty sure Ive broken them all and I am sure that Nadine would love that I have no limits.😄

I have used all the washes , methods and glazes , most of the time with my bare hands… I absolutely unequivocally adore this paint. 

Tjhoko paint is equal to none….The difference in ease of use is profound and I think thats why I havent been able to stop creating,…its fun , I dont have to gather the courage to tackle projects . I can simply clean and paint. I paint anything and everything. No limits, only joy.

 I thought i knew a lot about painting but now I know i haven’t even scratched the surface of my own creativity. Scrolling through pictures , I am in awe of the change in my style and my house.

An artist is someone who expresses themselves through  a medium. The Tjhoko family has absolutely revamped me as an artist. I have always been somewhat creative but I had no idea that I was capable of so, so much more.

Its what Tjhoko does to us….its easy to use, its fun , it makes you happy so you just want to do more and more…it has opened up worlds for me. I am 50 years old and the Tjhoko family has inspired me so much that I want to enroll in College again for a Course in interior decorating. 

I would also like to talk about the sweetest and  most beautiful  member of the Tjhoko family…he is a darling and his name is Maestro and i just want to put it out there that  Maestro still needs his own potjie of Tjhoko named after him…i will definitely buy me a potjie of Maestro😁😁

Nadine and Jaco we could never thank you enough for your vision and hard work. You are amazing humans , you are loved by hundreds and thousands of creatives worldwide and I cant wait for the day where I get to walk into a shop here in Perth and fill my mandjie with Tjhoko goodness. Thank you