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Tjhoko is easy to use
Tjhoko is easy to use

I’m Alta, and I’m a Tjhokoholic…

It’s been two years since I discovered Tjhoko, and I…am an addict!

I decided to redo my entire home interior, and it was the best decision ever!

I started painting the walls, redoing decor and furniture. The toughest decision was which type of paint

to use on the furniture.

I discovered a vast community of Facebook groups with ideas and advice.

This is where I first got introduced to Tjhokopaint.

I got into my car, on the hunt for this wonder – Tjhoko!

The first colours I chose were Cloud White, Matt Black and Real Red!

I started with the en-suite bathroom…

The Real Red was perfect for an antique table, owned by my late grand mother, I was gobsmacked

by the way it turned out!

No paint brush marks – Tjhoko was what I needed!

Tjhoko is easy to use, not as thick as other products.

It has a built in primer and sealer! PERFECT! So much less work, with an even better result.

Back to the Facebook Tjhoko community – best advice, and users really just enjoy sharing their passion

for this product!

Tjhoko, choose it!

There’s no saving me… Tjhoko has taken over!!!

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