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For very oily/polished furniture – clean with lacquer thinners before painting. Apply the paint and wait in between coats for the paint to dry. Once the final coat has been applied wait for at least 4 hours. Wait at least 6 months before painting on a newly varnished surface. Sometimes even waiting overnight may be best depending on how oily it is. Don’t fear though, you will have the confidence to read the paint and furniture relationship. Look for how the paint went on originally, was it streaky? Or try the scratch test with your nail. If the paint does come off, which it might, then simply wait a little longer. Next follow the glazing process should you require a water-resistant or UV-resistant surface. (Look under glazes)
After the shabby look – don’t wait too long to start sanding, especially on dry or untreated wood as Tjhoko will stick quite quickly. You may build some pretty big muscles otherwise. Remember to use grit 60/80 or 100.
All you need to do is apply another coat of Tjhoko to the discoloured or yellow areas..
I have found when painting in my garage, some dust or fine particles do sometimes blow onto my furniture. Although Tjhoko leaves such a lovely finish, due to the environment you may be painting in, you may notice some little particles have got stuck along the way, especially during drying time. I will use sandpaper 400 just to lightly sand over my final piece to give it that smooth look should I need to, but only if I need to.

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