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This is mainly used on untreated/new wood and really gives that ‘beach’ look and feel.
Apply a thin layer of paint and with a damp cloth wipe the paint down in the direction of the wood grain. This must be done within a few seconds.
If you want more coverage then add more paint, remembering to always paint and wipe down in the direction of the grain.
You can also dip the damp cloth into the paint and wipe it down until you get the coverage you want.
Another way is to create a sealed White wash effect by following these easy steps:
1.Mix Paint (in a colour of your choice), Clear Glaze and water together in ratios of a third each.
Quantities will depend on the size of the surface you would like to White Wash e.g. 200 ml Tjhoko Paint, 200 ml Glaze, 200 ml water.
2.Dampen a colourless cloth and dip it into your mixture and simply wipe onto the surface. Once again in the same direction as wood grain.
3.This will create a sealed washed surface in one easy step.
If the wash (mix) is too light, add more paint.
If the wash (mix) is too dark, add more Clear Glaze.

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