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Create a Pewter finish on an old cabinet
Create a Pewter finish on an old cabinet

Create a Pewter finish on an old cabinet

Learn how to transform an old cabinet into a spectacular Pewter finish cabinet with Nadine Vosloo and Tuis|Home.

Project notes

  • Old wooden furniture is soaked in oil – make sure you clean it thoroughly. Find out whether it was varnished or treated with raw linseed oil. These products take about six months to cure before you can paint over them.
  • Rather wear gloves when working with lacquer thinners.
  • Allow each coat to dry completely before applying the next one.
  • Mix metallic paint well before and during use.


Clean the wardrobe thoroughly with lacquer thinners and give it at least 20 minutes to dry. Apply masking tape where necessary.

Apply 2 coats of Sherif’s Stone with the 50mm brush. Allow each coat to dry completely and wait 20–30 minutes before doing the next step. 

Stir the Charm’s Silver well before you paint it over the Sherif’s Stone. Also stir during use.

Apply 2–3 coats and give the last layer about 4 hours to dry. 

Moisten a clean piece of mutton cloth with water and squeeze out any excess moisture. Stir the Antique Glaze well. Dip the 38mm brush in the Antique Glaze and paint small areas at a time, especially in the grooves. Immediately rub with the damp cloth to blend the glaze into the silver background; use more or less glaze depending on your personal preference.

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Comments (7)

  • Would love to try Tjoko paint

    Elize Bosua
    • Lee-Ann

      Good morning Elize,
      Thank-you for making contact below is a link for our all our stockists, all you need to do is put in your location and the km radius you desire to travel and your nearest stockists will come up. just scroll down.

      alternatively, you can also order your paint from us online on the link below:

      Let me know if you need anything else
      Have a great day

  • Hi,

    Can I paint Tjokopaint directly onto a varnished surface or should the varnish be sanded prior to painting with Tjoko?


    • Lee-Ann

      Good morning Michelle,
      if the furniture piece has been varnished more than 6 months ago then all you would need to do is clean properly with Lacquer thinners ( wear gloves) wait 20 minutes and then start to paint. There is no need to sand.
      If the piece has been varnished less than 6 months ago then we do not recommend to use Tjhoko Paint.
      Let me know if you need anything else.
      Have a great day.
      Thanking you

  • Lee-Ann

    we are glad you like it.

  • Goeie naand. Ons tree af en trek nou na n wit en ligte grys meenthuis. Ek het 3 embiua eetkamer kaste wat ek baie graag donker grys wil maak. Ek het nog nooit geverf nie en wil graag weet waar moet ek begin. Wat 1 ste end 2de. Kas al die jare met olie behandel. Ek soek net een kleur wat sal jy voorstel asb

    Petro Pereira
    • Chrystal

      Hi Petro
      Dankie vir die navraag. Ons help met die grootste liefde. Ek sal ook via jou ‘n e-pos stuur met my inligting as iets onduidelik is, dan kan jy direk met my in kontak kom. Die vernaamste stap gaan wees om alles deeglik af te was met Lacquer Thinners (Powafix se handelsmerk word aanbeveel). Al die olie moet heeltemal verwyder wees. Was somber ‘n paar keer af. (Dra handskoene, werk in ‘n wel geventileerde vertrek. Die skoonmaak is sleutel tot suksus.

      * Nadat die skoonmaak proses voltooi is, wag vir die Thinners om heeltemal te droog. (ongeveer 40 minute) en begin verf. Ensign kwas en 110mm sponsroller gaan benodig word.
      * Hier is ‘n paar video’s wat die verfproses verduidelik. Belangrik is om mooi egalig te verf en tussen lae te wag vir verf om te droog voor die volgende laag aangewend word.

      Die volgende dag word die Clear Glaze aangewend en ek het ook ‘n video aangeheg wat die proses verduidelik.

      Laat weet per e-pos as jy enige verdere hulp benodig.

      So ‘n mooi dag vir jou!

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