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About Tjhoko Paint

Tjhoko Paint, a proudly South African company, manufactures a unique water-based, self-sealing chalk paint. With a focus on incomparable quality and family values, each carefully crafted Tjhoko Paint color is named after one of our incredible team members. The Tjhoko Paint holding company, Paint Master, has been manufacturing high quality decorative paint products for more than 18 years! 

Tjhoko Paint is a creamy and smooth chalk based paint that leaves no chalky residue. It is easy to work with and requires no sealant to grip to a painted surface. If you like a matt look, no glaze (sealant) needs to be applied. Tjhoko gives you a washable surface, but for extra UV and steam resistance apply the clear glaze for use in bathrooms, kitchens and outdoors.  Follow the instructions on the lid for an even application. Both paint and sealants are water-based and eco-friendly. Read More…

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