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We’re in the business of producing exceptional paint that is smooth, easy to use, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Our paint boasts a vast colour range with a built-in primer and sealer. Requiring minimal preparation, no priming and has a durable finish.

Benefits of Tjhoko

grips to almost anything

Tjhoko Paint can effortlessly be applied to wood, metal, glass, fabric, outdoor items, flower pots, walls, brick, laminate, melamine, wall tiles & more!

minimal prep NEEDED

No sanding or priming required, only a thorough wipe down on a few surfaces with lacquer thinners to ensure all oil, dirt and greasiness is removed.


All Tjhoko Paint products are water-based, non-toxic, eco-friendly, lead free and food safe. Which is not only easy on your hands and on our planet, but also makes clean-up a breeze.

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Tjhoko Brand Ambassador inspiration – Dapper Lifestyle Decor

INCREDIBLE COLOUR INSPIRATION! Theresia van Tonder Fromcreated this colourful masterpiece  How to paint an Ombré Technique: What you’ll need: 3 to 5 Tjhoko Paint Colors A paintbrush for every color Jars or cups to pour paint in an mix colors A cloth for wiping up mistakes Tjhoko products used: Tjhoko Embellishment


Tjhoko Inspiration – Sune Horn

The Prettiest, girl Mural Painted by Sune in her daughter’s room wall.  Making use of the following pinks –    Tinkie’s treat Dori’s Dance Lovely Lorinda Cloud white   Sune also mixed colours to get those stunning in between shades.

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