Add character to your kitchen with a colourful vintage cupboard.

Video taken by ER Lombard.

Presented by Tuis Tydskrif & Home Magazine

1. Remove the handles and clean the dresser with a cloth dipped in lacquer thinners, then wait about 20–30 minutes until dry. Apply masking tape to those parts that will not be painted.

2. Paint the first colour (we used Stéffan). Wait until dry (20–30 minutes or longer in winter and at the coast), then apply a second colour (Nade on the drawers and cupboard doors, Fine Lining on the rest).

3. Wait until dry, then apply a whitewash technique using the third colour (Vinia Stone): moisten a piece of mutton cloth with water and squeeze out the excess water. Fold the cloth into a ball in the palm of your hand. Apply the third colour on small areas with the brush, then smear the paint over the surface with the damp cloth; this changes the colour very subtly and gives it a whitewashed appearance.

4. Wait until dry, then sand all painted surfaces. Dust off well.

5. Cut the Waterslide Transfer as close as possible to the edge of the design; measure and mark its position on the doors. Place the transfer in cold water. With your index finger and thumb, check when the front and back sheet start to pull apart, then remove the transfer from the water. Hold it in position on the surface where you want to apply it, then carefully slide off the back solid sheet so that just the front transparent sheet stays behind on the surface. Using your fingers, a sponge or a piece of mutton cloth, carefully remove any air bubbles or water. Allow to dry completely(±1 hour).

6. Seal the design by mixing 50ml Clear Glaze with 15ml water and then carefully applying it over the design with a damp cloth.


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