What new mom wouldn’t want to bring her baby home to such a lovely room? The Tjhoko team gave some old furniture a fresh new look to welcome the little one.

It’s the new year, new resolutions, new challenges and new things to get excited about. Whether you’re a new mom, granny or aunt, or simply want to use the colours and techniques that we used in our baby room somewhere else – do it and start the year well by freshening up and beautifying your spaces!

We gave some old wooden furniture a makeover with Tjhoko paint in the colours Cloud White, Lourain’s Cream and Don’s Wash (warm grey). On the taller chest of drawers we also used Sweetness (light pink), Dumisa’s Dream (sage green) and Reddish Mellow (coral pink) for a bit of colour inspiration in the room. They work well with the peony vinyl stickers that were used against the wall. The style is timeless and simply by painting the drawers in other colours you can change the look, to fit in with your own décor.

Tjhoko’s Stencil of Paris (a plaster spread that you can use to do raised stencil work) provided the finishing touch and gorgeous detail on the chest of drawers, the wardrobe doors and the cot sides.

Apply it as follows:

1. Give the surface you want to decorate a good clean with lacquer thinners. This step is important before you paint or work with Stencil of Paris.

2. Choose a stencil from the Tjhoko range. Secure the stencil with masking tape on to the surface and spread the Stencil of Paris evenly over the stencil with a palette knife. Lift up the stencil immediately and leave the plaster at room temperature to dry and harden. TIP Allow 2-3 hours drying time – the weather and thickness of the plaster will determine the time needed. Rinse off the stencil immediately with hot water so you can use it again later.

3. When the stencil work is properly hard and dry, you can paint over it with Tjhoko in the colour of your choice. Allow the paint to dry (about 20-30 minutes) before you smooth it off lightly with 100-grit sandpaper.

Enjoy every moment of 2020. Colour it in with Tjhoko paint!