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How much paint would I need to paint a 12 square metre wall?

Always work on two coats of paint required. 1 litre of paint covers 8 square metres with one coat 12 square metres would need 24 square metre coverage  –  24/8 = 3.  Three litres would be needed to cover 12 square metres.

How far does a litre of paint spread?

A litre of paint covers more or less 8m2 per single coat.

How many layers of paint would I need to paint a couch?

The number of coats that will need to be applied, will depend on the absorbency of the fabric and the foam.  Each layer needs to be hand dry (dry to the touch) before the next coat is painted on.    It is the flexibility of the foam inside the coach

How many layers of paint do I need to apply to a surface being painted?

We recommend painting at least two coats.   Very important when painting is to always allow a coat of paint to dry properly before the next coat of paint is applied. Depending on the colour being used a third coat would be necessary for example painting a white paint onto a

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