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Can I paint a tablecloth?

Yes. Although we would rather recommend stencilling the tablecloth. We suggest ironing the back more or less an hour or two after painting.  Hand wash in cold water and ensure that you paint on natural fabric, not something with a shine. We don’t recommend painting on synthetic fabrics.

Can I paint on an upholstered surface covered with suede fabric?

Yes, you can. It is very important to remember is that paint will change the feel and texture of fabric. Also depending on the flexibility of the foam, hairline cracks might appear. The more flexible the foam, the more movement there will be.  The amount of paint needed will depend

Can I paint on synthetic leather?

Yes, you can. Just remember to clean with Lacquer Thinners (wear gloves and mask) to remove grease and dirt. Allow the surface to dry and then paint. Read here to see how we transformed this chair.

Can I paint on genuine leather?

Yes, you can use Tjhoko Paint on genuine leather. You just need to make sure that the leather is cleaned properly and is grease free before you start painting. Clean well using Lacquer Thinners to remove all the oil, allow to dry for 20-30 minutes and then start painting. No

How many layers of paint would I need to paint a couch?

The number of coats that will need to be applied, will depend on the absorbency of the fabric and the foam.  Each layer needs to be hand dry (dry to the touch) before the next coat is painted on.    It is the flexibility of the foam inside the coach

Can I apply Tjhoko Paint to fabric?

Below are two links that will assist you with the application of the paint on fabric. Ensure that you are working on a natural fabric item, like suede or cotton, and not something that is synthetic. Always keep in mind that paint will change the texture of the fabric. We

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