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Tjhoko paint national workshops

As Mama Tjhoko, my passion for people ignites a fire within me that burns brighter each day. My life’s mission is to assist others in creating a sense of self-appreciation and self-worth. It’s a mission that has been distinguished in my company, Tjhoko Paint, a sincere story to create change and equip people with skills to inspire them to discover hidden creativity.

Through Tjhoko Paint, I have been traveling throughout the country, visiting different areas to share ideas and spend time with amazing people. During these workshops, we educate our participants on various paint techniques, the process of creating art, and share tips and advice on how to enhance their creativity.

South Africa, my birth country, is a colourful, beautiful piece of the world with some of the most special people. From the bustling cities to the rural communities, there is so much untapped potential waiting to be discovered. We aim to unearth that potential and foster a sense of self-belief and confidence in every individual we meet.

As co-founder of Tjhoko, I have seen first-hand the impact our work can have on people’s lives. The joy on their faces when they create something beautiful for the first time or hear their peers applaud them for their efforts is indescribable. It’s a feeling that reminds me why I started this journey and motivates me to continue.

The tone of our workshops is always friendly and welcoming. We encourage participants to share their stories, connect with others, and create lasting relationships. It’s not just about painting; it’s about sharing experiences and building a community of self-assured individuals who support each other.

In conclusion, my passion for people is at the core of everything I do. Through Tjhoko Paint, I want to inspire and empower others to embrace their creativity, find their voices, and believe in themselves. I hope to meet you soon and share in this journey together. Let’s create change, one brush stroke at a time.

Upcoming potchefstroom workshop

Hosted by the talented Nadine Vosloo aka “Mama Tjhoko”, this workshop is a creative hands-on learning experience, teaching you useful Tjhoko Paint techniques while creating two stunning, functional items to take home. Learn, create and mingle in a stunning, inspirational, helpful environment, bring along a friend or get to know other Tjhoko’holics in your area

Upcoming workshops

Previous workshops


Big thank you to Jaco for lovelly live music and Kaylee for both the pithy commentary that had me smiling, and the heart-touching message to your mom.You are a special family with huge heart, huge personality and a huge mission.I was completely inspired! Thank you for giving so much.
My excitement was like a child going to your first sleep over. Loved every second and meeting Maama Tjhoko, you made my year and will remember this day for life. Thank you
Cheryl Ann Cloete
The best workshop ever, enjoyed every minute of it and eventually getting to meet Mama Tjhoko...
Margaret Katsouras
What an absolutely amazing day I had!
Lyn Sproule
Absolutely fabulous, looks like such creative fun.
Carol Ward
I've just been to this in Stellenbosch. It was Fantastic!! Go if you can it's well worth it
Michele Chadwick

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