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Img Name Type Price Order Qty
Placeholder Trans 50 A3
Code: TRANS50
TRANSFERS R150.43 (retail)
Placeholder Trans 51 A3
Code: TRANS51
TRANSFERS R150.43 (retail)
Placeholder Trans 52 A3
Code: TRANS52
TRANSFERS R150.43 (retail)
Placeholder Trans 53 A3
Code: TRANS53
TRANSFERS R150.43 (retail)
Placeholder Trans 54 A3
Code: TRANS54
TRANSFERS R150.43 (retail)
Placeholder Trans 55 A3
Code: TRANS55
TRANSFERS R150.43 (retail)
Placeholder Trans 56 A3
Code: TRANS56
TRANSFERS R150.43 (retail)
Placeholder Turkish Blue 860x598mm
Code: DECOU06
DECOUPAGE R139.74 (retail)
Placeholder UP001-30 Stencil 101
Code: UP001-30
30x30CM R169.83 (retail)
Placeholder Watercolour Blossom 400x300mm
Code: DECOU03
DECOUPAGE R50.48 (retail)
Placeholder Whale Tail Wooden Large ( Full Size: 480 x 380mm
Code: WHALE01
RAW TIMBER ITEMS R150.43 (retail)
Placeholder Whale Tail Wooden Small ( Full Size: 370 x 280mm)
Code: WHALE03
RAW TIMBER ITEMS R120.72 (retail)
Placeholder White Roses 30×30
Code: LUV33
FURNITURE VINYLS R92.00 (retail)
Placeholder White Roses 50×50
Code: LUV34
50x50cm R150.43 (retail)
Placeholder Wood Fish on Stand (Full Size: 380mm x 350mm)
Code: FISH01
RAW TIMBER ITEMS R250.39 (retail)
Placeholder Wooden Blocks (L=15 x B=15cm)
Code: WO007
RAW TIMBER ITEMS R20.39 (retail)
Placeholder Wooden Brush Earrings
Other Accessories R200.78 (retail)
Placeholder Wooden Crate (Size: 30x25cm and height 15cm)
Code: CRATE01
RAW TIMBER ITEMS R96.48 (retail)
Placeholder Wooden Oyster Catcher with stand (Full Size: 370 x 300mm)
Code: OYSTER01
RAW TIMBER ITEMS R206.20 (retail)