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Hi Nadine, I think I did something last year but I would like to share something that will hopefully encourage more people to paint as therapy.

“My journey with Tjhoko paint started during the first lockdown in South Africa in 2020.  At first I scratched around and found paints that had been in the cupboard for a while until we could receive our Tjhoko deliveries.  Nadine’s weekly tutorials became the excitement of the week to learn new techniques (and to have company). The Tjhoko Facebook group also helped a lot where we could upload images of all of our projects.  It was during this part of the journey where I “met” other people on the group who had also recently lost loved ones and who were painting. One family even painted a coffin !.  The interaction with the group and Nadine herself has been amazing ! I have learnt so much from you.

I have been writing a journal to my late husband.

This is what I wrote last week “, During lockdown, I took out my old paints and just started painting. One day after finishing a new Tjhoko paint project, I took it inside to admire my work.  I suddenly felt your presence and you said ‘That is beautiful, well done”.  It was as clear as daylight. In the months that followed, I painted until my body and hands ached to ease the pain of losing you”.

My projects include my kitchen, various items around the house and GIFTS !  Each one original for each recipient !