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T – This is a Testimonial from a Thankful heart.

JJoyful Journey

      Life isn’t easy and life isn’t fair.  And then we are surprised by a product and a company who put Joy back into life.

      Not just joy in every bottle of Tjhoko paint you open, but joy when you order online and receive excellent service from the word go.

      Joy on a Facebook group that becomes your family.  

      Joy from friendships made through sharing excitement over paint products, techniques and projects.

HHeart.  The Tjhoko team lends a Helping Hand with their whole Heart.  No task, request, question is too small or insignificant.  Like Heroes they save the day…or the project.

OOne-in-a-Million.  Tjhoko Paint is a unique chalk paint.

KKinship.  No matter your age, nationality, level of creative expertise or confidence in trying something new or challenging – in the Tjhoko family all are welcomed with open arms.

OOnly ONE paint.  Tjhoko paint can be used on nearly every possible surface:  wood, plastic, glass, cement, steel, stone, melamine, tin, rattan, etc.  

      Recycle, upcycle and transform anything from stationery to kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and so much more.  

      With a bottle of Tjhoko and a little bit of love everything can have a second chance.   

      Unlimited possibilities in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

PPassion.  Tjhoko Paint’s staff serve with passion.

AAttention to Detail.  The Tjhoko paint is manufactured, packaged and sent with passion and love in every small detail.

IInspiration. Be Inspired on so many levels:  

    from Nadine’s wonderful, easy to follow videos on Tjhoko’s YouTube Channel; 

    to every admin and group member on the Facebook Tjhoko Paint Group – #TjhokoCreations; 

    to the Tjhoko Website (

NNadine, better known as Mama Tjhoko.  Nadine embodies, that is, she is an expression and gives a tangible and visible form to the quality and everything Tjhoko stands for.

TTherapy in colour, belonging and living in full colour.

Thank you Tjhoko Paint for giving colourful hope.